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Caledonia House

Caledonia House

PEI’s Gourmet Coffee Roaster

Wholesale Coffee

Caledonia House provides high-quality gourmet coffee to a dozen of the top restaurants on the Island.  Our custom coffee blending offers your establishment an exclusive and unique flavour that will satisfy your customers and bring them back for more.

Did you know that water can make a huge difference to the flavour of coffee?  As part of our blend creation process, we come to your site to ensure the perfect flavour.

As well as offering on-site delivery, we have a flexible roasting schedule to best accommodate your needs. We can also put together pre-packaged retail versions of your blends, exclusively for sale at your establishment.

Our decades of experience in the business means that we have a great relationship with equipment suppliers. Caledonia House can provide you with consultation, sales and service at very competitive prices.

. Testimonials Now n Zen Coffee and Tea House Steven Fancy Rut Companioncoffee

I've known Brett and his coffee for many years, and like most people, I believe it to be, simply put, fantastic. So when I was opening my restaurant (Terre Rouge Bistro Marche), it was a bit of a no brainer who I would go with to set up my coffee program.

Brett helped me choose a high quality machine that would meet the demands of a busy bistro, and the consistency we needed to have. He set up the machine, installed the water softener, trained my staff, roasts the beans and has them delivered (never been short!...thx Brett).

He couldn't have made things any smoother for us......and keeps checking in to make sure everything's running the way it should be.....very conscientious.

Great Coffee, Great Service, Great Guy.
Highly recommended.

Chef John Pritchard
John Pritchard Cuisine

Chef John Pritchard Terre Rouge Bistro Marche John Pritchard Cuisine

We were looking for a locally roasted source for Organic, Fair Trade coffee beans before we opened Now n Zen Coffeehouse two years ago.  

After chatting with friends and family, it became obvious the only choice was Caledonia Coffee and Brett Bunston.  We exclusively carry his coffee beans including an Organic House blend we came up with for my customers.  The espresso beans Brett supplies produce a rich, blonde shot that my clients highly praise.  

For retail or wholesale coffee beans on PEI, Brett Bunston and Caledonia Coffee are the only logical choice.

Now n Zen Coffee and Tea House

As a long time coffee lover but brand new Café owner the guidance and collaboration of Caledonia House was integral to getting my shop off the ground.

Long days of hard work are made just a bit better with a good cup of coffee in your hand.

Personalized training, a comfortable learning environment and a passion for quality came together to make this end of starting a new business fun.

Steven Fancy

Rut Companioncoffee

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You can also reach Brett at (902) 838-2973