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Caledonia House

Caledonia House

PEI’s Gourmet Coffee Roaster

Our Coffee

Our coffee beans originate from 16 different countries, forming a total of 22 blends and roasts.  We also have access to beans from more than 50 other countries, available upon request (5 lb minimum order).

Many of our blends are fair trade and/or organic.  We offer custom blending with an unlimited combination of beans.

Caledonia House proudly roast our own coffee and, with more than a quarter of a century’s experience in roasting and fine-tuning, we have the master knowledge to roast a perfect blend.

We only roast dark and black beans, in addition to one cinnamon roast.  We believe that these roasts are supreme for bringing out the flavour and aroma of the coffee beans.

When selecting a bean, we are sticklers for consistency. We analyze a sample from the coffee broker, test it for taste, quality, how it roasts, its look, and a number of other factors. We purchase the same lot over a period of six months to ensure consistency and quality throughout the season.  

So, when you taste a Caledonia House coffee, you can be absolutely assured that our roasts and blends are of the very highest quality.

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